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Undergrad Media Arts and Design Student at James Madison University .

My Story 

Morgan kolson

Morgan Kolson is a Creative Advertising major and a Communications studies minor at James Madison University.

Morgan has a few dreams in life and can't wait to explore each of them. She has a passion for the advertising world and the use of storytelling through technology. Her mom told her since she was a child she has been performing, recording, creating stories of her own and telling them confidently to whoever would listen, through whatever she could.

Her passions do not stop at Media arts and design though. She has a beating heart for philanthropy and for giving back to those less fortunate than her. She has worked with over six organizations in the pursuit to raise the most she can for the most she can.

She is an easy going person with the drive to reach her fullest potential. Whether that is a group project or on her own she knows she has so much room to learn and grow and is excited to explore and learn as much as she can.

Morgans passion is people; she knows people and relationships with others is something to value. Morgan is a weirdo, "A non-conformist who does not follow trends or a subculture. A true 'weirdo' will just do what they feel and will get along with most people along the way."

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recent work

Here are some of my latest and greatest work.  

Halsey Poster

Done for a design course 

Print Design 

Group Production print ad for a local bike store 

Magazine ad for a winery special event

Done for a group project

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This was a print campaign for a starry night special at a winery. I worked with a group of 4 to create these print designs. At the end of the print designs you can see the strategy statement, target market and more in our final portfolio for this class!

I made these two posters in a print design class my senior year! We were instructed to create two different poster for the same person/place or thing. I chose Halsey, the musician. One poster we were instructed to use a photo and the other one we were instructed to use graphics. 

This was another group print ad campaign! Click below to read our Creative brief and see why we made the decisions we did! 

Creative brief

This is for a logo i made in a design course i took. The assignment was for a made up snowboarding company called Whiteout Snowboards. along with the logo i made business cards using the logo in a different way.

This was for an introduction to adobe class i took. We were able to choose any artist we wanted and create a CD case for whomever we chose. 

This was an assigment to creat an infographic about working in an ad agency! I found this challenging but a lot of fun. 

If you click this image, It will take you to a semester long portfolio me and a team worked on.  Inside you will see a consumer profile, strategy statement, radio, print and tv ads, headline practice, social media and placed ads. This was a great practice of the research that may need to go on in a campaign. 

Double Bubble Radio AD



Wet and Wild Radio AD

Arizona T.V Ad

Day out at Reddish Knob 

Tri Sigma Philanthropy Video

Pick up your Dog Poop Pre Roll

Script & Strategy Statement






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