For a year now Morgan has been the Philanthropy chair for her sorority. In her time she has been responsible for raising money for the five causes below. She has raised collectively $51,000 for these organizations. she explains further how she did this below.

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For March Of Dimes Morgan raised $6,000 in three days. She started a race between organizations on campus to see who could raise the most money for their make believe “pre mature baby.” She held a relay race and did the donations over three days through venmo. The teams were so into it, they collectively exceeded her expectations and raised $6,000 in their first year raising money for this cause.

Robbie Page Kickball Tournament

Robbie Page is the National Philanthropy of Tri sigma. Each chapter can choose how they want to raise money! We chose a kickball tournament, that incorporates over 800 people. We raised $10,000 this year and last year when Morgan was involved.


Andrews army is a foundation that raises money for Neuroblastoma. Every year we have a golf tournament and include other organizations. Last year we raised $5,000 dollars. We have already started raising money through Relay For life, and have close to $5,000 and counting! Click here to donate! 

Smith & Sons

Pauls walk is a philanthropy we team up with a fraternity to raise money for ALS. Every year we have a 5k that invites the entire school! Last year we were given an award from the ALS foundation and raised $10,000.


Leslie George is a foundation that does not raise any money but only awareness. In the month of February Tri Sigma posts all over social media positive messages about self worth and body image love. Attached you can see an article Morgan is featured in about her work and thoughts behind the foundation. Click Here!

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