Study Abroad

Semester in London Summer 2017 


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Not everyone is lucky enough to take the adventure of a lifetime with your best friends, but I was. In the summer of 2017, was accepted into the Semester in London abroad program. Traveling this far was a massive deal for me and meant for the first time in my life I would be leaving the country. I have always been someone who craved adventure. I never want to be too comfortable in one place; I find new and exciting adventures to be an opportunity for growth. Id love to get each experience I had, but maybe at a later date. More than anything on this adventure I met some of the most amazing human beings I could have ever imagined. The entire group was incredible, but there were a group of girls(and one boy, love you JT) who changed my life. Laura, Maeve, Loren and Karlie, and Paige were the reason London molded me in so many ways, and they are the reason I’m not sure I could ever go back without them. The lesson I learned that is most great of them all, is that no matter where you are, to be surrounded by incredible souls, not place can be left without adventure. London, beans for breakfast, Copenhagen, the unreal apple juice, the fashion, the tube and everything in between, ill be back. To the people I met along the way, thank you.

My Business


This past Summer I started a business out of desperation to repay myself for the abroad trip I took. Spending every penny in my bank account traveling Europe I knew coming back to school I needed some money in the bank. I bleached a tee shirt of my own and asked my friends if they would buy it. They immediately jumped on the idea and were telling me how much people would want these. With nothing but the time before my senior year started I took myself to my local Goodwill and bought every vintage tee, plain shirt, and sweatshirts I could find. I posted my first three on Instagram, and within 10 minutes they were sold! I realized then; I had something going. It became addicting, hunting through goodwills, finding pieces that were so unique and later posting them and waiting for the bidder. The page became so popular I had lists of 50+ people on my phone who were making requests. I had girls in New York and other fabulous cities reaching out to me for clothes. I made a great living out of this and had so much fun. I learned a lot about running your own business, the expenses, the time, the demand. It is probably not as easy as one would think. But here’s hoping this was only my first lesson! Doing this on my own felt terrific and I was so proud of what I accomplished. This experience made more passionate about the fashion industry, realizing I had an eye for design not only on the computer but fabric too!